Wednesday, March 14, 2012

GTOC Blog #18 ... A little in Awe of people!!!

I was asked today and actually am asked most days, why I devote so much time to developing a public awareness for Aspiring Women and why I expend so much energy in my efforts to help them.  ... it is here I have to note my patented response.....because I can.

No one knows it took me 7 years to find my comfort level as to where I could.....the response today is simple....because I can and there are multitudes of women in our community who are searching their comfort level to say "because I can too"!!

The other response is, because it make common business sense.  Identify a need, create a company to serve the need.  Better our community. 

Then I am asked,  "do you make money within this company?"  I am thinking one day if  I push at the level I am now....yes!  I will!!!!
Till then my response is.....I have invested years of my life, countless expenditures and two personal properties in dedication of Aspiring Women.  The truth is I believe in them!!

I have witnessed those who should have succeeded and died trying.
I have witnessed those who would have succeeded given ANY hope.
I have witnessed intelligent women degraded into servitude.
I have witnessed beauty corroded by indignities.

I have also witnessed hope within one become an eager virus within many!
I have also witnessed the willingness of the successful to support rampant hope!
I have also witnessed the lowest of women offer her humble well wishes on the "accepted" of society!
I have also witnessed the weak and the unworthy fight for equality!

Some how, in my life, I have been aware enough to witness so much, yet have given so little of myself to affect my community.  It is time!!

I believe in Aspiring Women to put forth effort to success!
I believe in Successful Women to put forth Hope for Aspiring Women!

We have all witnessed and we all have the " I Can" ability to positively affect our community.  Kudoos to those who have found their "I Can's" those who have not  ASK!!!

There is an answer filled with hope, awaiting YOU!!....V

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