Thursday, March 6, 2014

GTOC Blog #49 The disconnection facing all our efforts.

Today was a really big deal for me and for GTOC.  Only nothing turned out as expected.  Am I the only person who asks the hard question, that sees the disconnect?

As the Spokesperson for a company that works at ground zero and is making efforts to change policy, mutual communications with the global policy makers is of utmost importance.

However what happens when there is a disconnect between the policy makers and the ground zero persons?  How can the policy makers create positive global change to affect the ground zero persons, if they have no real concept of truly being at ground zero.  AND absolutely visa versa!!

As I left the UN Conference on Global Dialog today, I mentioned to Conor that I had been very nervous to approach the the main speaker and that maybe I thought I simply didn't have an important enough message for her.  Conor thought that perhaps I was feeling insecure but no, that just isn't who I am.  Then I realized that, I am so focused on improving the lives of at risk women and girls that often I do not see, acknowledge or comprehend so much of what is happening all around me.

My nervousness derived from the fact that everyone in the room was very familiar with the Millenium Development Goals and how they will improve our global environment.  I know what they are, I believe in them.  I simply do not have enough time left in my day, after school and after work and after kids to familiarize myself with their details.  So my mind reverted back to the majority of my life when I thought myself as stupid.

Here in lies the difference though.  That focus on improving the lives of at risk women and girls would never allow me to do less than my purpose.

And so I did.

And so I asked the question that was burning in my brain.

Her response was genuine, but it was a hard question.

It took the entire drive home from Ottawa, and a conversation with my Sissy before I could interpret my confusion, my frustration at her response.

The policy makers can not dwell or focus on ground zero if they are to accomplish great legislative deeds that will change our worlds.
The ground zero persons cannot dwell or focus on politics when their efforts are desperately needed at ground zero.

This is the disconnect.

At one time, I had aspirations of becoming a policy maker.  I have been fortunate to have very honest, friends like my friend Andy that explained what limitations would be put on my efforts for women, should I pursue that career.  I wouldn't be free to simply do what I do currently through GTOC.

However, I am not solely the ground zero person either because I am changing policy and community at ground zero with the aspiration to create solutions globally at ground zero.

Once again, the middle child syndrome strikes.  And here is my response.

In our world there are those that plan and those that do.  For some reason, I am both. Perhaps there is a purpose for this?  Perhaps someone like me is the connect? I am unsure of this answer, time will tell.

However, for now, at this specific point in time, my focus is on creating a bigger picture for women here in our community through the doing and the planning required to keep GTOC successfully moving forward in it's global plan.  Vxo

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