Wednesday, April 17, 2013

GTOC Blog #40....the Woman's Voice.

We spend, it seems an eternity remaining silent.  Life continues around us.  Are we even sure if we are contributing or simply witnessing it pass?
Inside we know...wrongs are being done.
Inside we scream...there is more...what is it?
Inside we tell ourselves what generations before also said to themselves, "be silent, endure, love and teach"

The traditional woman.  There are some of us that were raised to be traditional women.

There are many of us.

We have keenly watched the brave words of a few women and have been inspired by their Voice.
Yet we remain silent because we believe we have no voice.

Or perhaps our voice is being created through our daughters.

Perhaps like all good women, we wish for better for our daughters than we had for ourselves.
And that raging voice inside is reflected in our silent actions.

Our children are growing up in a world that is "more aware".  We are the generation that either got left behind or joined in the "global awareness".

I began my journey "left behind".
Through witnessing my efforts and my failures, my daughters have become women with voices.  There will never be any "settling in life" for them.
Through their love and support of me, (and I must include my son's in this as well) children have not only fought for me to stand in my voice,....they live that life.

Together now we stand knowing "Our Voice Matters".

There are still times, I will yearn to revert back to the "hidden voice"  Fear.  Knowing one's place.  Comfort in Failure.  Longing for Love (even fake love) will re-enforce the "hidden voice".  Through the inspiration of great women, their voice, through my children's voice, I still stand...even with my fears, doubting "My Voice" but reaching to the heavens....because not having "My Voice" would now mean death to my soul.

When I first enter a room filled with people with greater worth than my own,
I am quiet in my hidden fears,
I hear spoken words that do not support "A Woman's Voice",
My heart beats so fast my hearing is dulled by it's sound,
I must speak "My Voice",
I am driven to speak "The Hidden Voice" for women who cannot,
Meekly I begin, almost apologetically,
My voice shaking in fear,
My lips quivering with tears swelling my eyes,
All turn to listen,
Eventually, even those who refuse to hear, turn to listen,

I tell a story,
A story of a woman with a "Hidden Voice",
Who discovers the person she entrusted with "Her Voice",
Has been manipulating and pushing "Her Voice" into silence,
Till one day, she witnesses this entrusted person beginning to manipulate her "Daughter's Voice",
And fear for self is replaced by strength for her "Daughter's Voice",
Silently, and through her "Hidden Voice" this woman teaches her Daughter to let "Her Voice Sing",
Silently, and through her "Hidden Voice" this woman teaches herself to let "Her Voice Sing", because children learn by witnessing,
The story continues and the journey is hard.
But the woman and her children now feel the "Song in their Voice",
And other women witness,
Then the other women begin to feel "Their Voice"

And the important people in the room, listening to this woman, are silent,

For a voice filled with love of life can only be heard gently through the heart.

And when you touch someone's heart with "Your Voice", you enable their "Song in their Voice".
They feel your importance to "Love of Life".  But you don't.

To you the answer is simple,
If you don't speak "Your Voice",
There is always the possibility that somebody's daughter will continue to be silent & endure.
You have struggled out of the death of your soul,
We now live in a world of Global Awareness.

No One's Daughter should ever be left behind to be silent & endure.

Everyone's Daughter should feel their importance in our Global Community, to stand and enable through their "Song in their Voice".

You leave.
As you drive away, you gasp in tears.
"I Have A Voice" you whisper to yourself and you smile through your tears have just enabled others to "Have a Voice" too.

Our world is changing....This is our children's world....It's getting better.  V xo