Wednesday, April 10, 2013

GTOC Blog #39....GTOC tenacity at it's finest!!

It's April 10th....I am home studying for my new career in financing and investing.  The MFDA has yet to commit to licensing me....I am held in limbo, but I move continuously forward.

Why?  Because I believe everyone has the right to proper financial advice, not just those who can afford I take on an avenue of employment that will provide opportunity for advice for all people, and because personally I am responsible for the expenses of GTOC, no as yet there is no extra funding. Yet, I have been known to take on 2 or 3 employments to fund this GTOC adventure for women...

Why? Because on my finger I wear the ring my father bought for my mother in Ireland.  The claddaugh ring with clearly and symbolically states "I carry your heart in my hands."  I carry the love and passion for the efforts of GTOC in my heart and move forward with it in my hands.

Why?  Because my father has since passed, but the memory of my parents' love, lives forever in my heart as a beacon of hope that true love does exist.  Love for partner, love for family, love for friend and foe, love for neighbor.  To me my parents love story is a love story of epic proportions.

Why also?  Because my father died because he stood for what he believed in.  His actions were his voice.  I try everyday to be my father's daughter....and while I remain steadfast in my voice in standing for friend and photographer Al Murack has captured  my symbolic essence in this photograph...

"While I hold your heart in my hands, relax, I've got you covered, via GTOC we shoot for the stars, because if we aimed lower you might end up from where you came, our tenacity supporting yours, will help you get to where your goal is to be."

I apologize if you do not appreciate the symbolism of the gun....I don't think guns do bad things, people do bad things, and with anything at their disposal, guns, knives, cars, hands, fists, sticks, stones, voices, emotions, ... I thank god every morning that I awake, because almost all of these weapons have been used on me.....yet I dare to be gratefully alive...I have always said I have an army of angels protecting me!!....sometimes we choose the bad people in our lives and sometimes they choose us.  Irregardless, one day we wake up, and we realize we might need a little assistance to get us away from the bad person, away from their version of weapon, away to a better quality of life and to do this we must muster up not only all our strengths, but to not go back to the only life we have known,....tenacity as well, it's finest hour.  Again and Again.

Why?....because as much as we strive for that better quality of life we know we deserve, there is an innate voice inside that says, no,'s what we's how we survive....It takes a lot of tenacity, training and support to thrive especially alone. 

And so everyday, at GTOC, we thrive, even in our failures, our hiccups on the way to thriving,....we believe;

those of you who have done harm to us, we still believe in you, you simply are going to have to get there without the ability to hurt us any longer.
those of you who try....everyday, or even most will thrive, just never stop believing.  It's how we all get there.

 So as my day work day winds to a close, the MFDA has not responded to my director's urgent reminders to move forward with my licensing, I stand  tall, tenacity at it's finest, knowing and living my belief that all will be fine, all will endure, because like my parent's love has endured through death, the tenacity in me must continue through life....where there is life, their is opportunity,....where there is life there is love,...and like my wonderful friend Brian says " Veronica's gun is loaded with love...." 

Thank you to my community for believing in me, in the efforts of sparks and fires my tenacity of voice for GTOC's wonderfully Aspiring women!!!  V xo

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