Sunday, June 8, 2014

GTOC Blog #52 The Ghost Eyes

There are ghost eyes.
They are the eyes of those who have seen,
     more than they should have to.
They are the eyes of those who can't find hope.

I remember Ghost eyes as my own as I stared back in the mirror.
I remember the Ghost eyes of my daughter when she heard what she shouldn't have      had to hear.
I witness the Ghost eyes in many of the women I work with.

Of late, I have been aching to reach out into the world.
I know it is my next step in supporting women.
My children remind me of the dangers of the places of plan to go.
     So I have promised to wait another 5 years when Baby Gaby is 18.

My children remind me, that I will have to learn to keep my mouth shut sometimes.
Sometimes in some conflicting style countries when I see all those Ghost eyes, how do I NOT speak?

Of late I have been looking at photos.  People around the world with Ghost eyes.  Soldiers, Women, Children.

This morning I woke up, sparkling sunkissed sunshine on my face.
My green eyes twinkling with excitement to start my day.
A warm smile caressing my face.
I am the fortunate.

But I remember the Ghost Eyes that stared back at me in the mirror.
And I feel the Ghost Eyes in the photos.

I am ready to go now and hug the souls with the Ghost Eyes.
I believe their lives can change.
I know we can reintroduce hope into their lives.

I will wait the 5 years promised to my children.
Then,...Yes I am scared.
But scared never stopped me before.

When you have had the experience of caressing a smile into a Ghost Eyed face, you know....
     You have a special talent.
One that should be used.

My time is approaching.

I can still feel my Ghost eyes most days.
Perhaps that is how I still relate to the Ghost Eyes of Strangers on the other side of the world.
I have rebuilt my smile though.
It caresses my face throughout my sleep and my sunshine awakenings.

Go to the link.
Feel the thoughts of the courageous people in our world.
Know your fortune.
Share the smile that caresses your face today.
Because we have many, many Ghost Eyes here in our country of the fortunate too.


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