Wednesday, August 19, 2015

GTOC Blog #64 Bringing forward the Backward

If you are here listening to what I have to say then there was or could one day be a tragic moment in your life when you feel your entire life force being drained, being pulled from your existence.  You will always remember that moment for the rest of your life.

Then there is that moment you stood and fought for your life force.   You physically reached your hands out either pulling it back inside or fighting off the possibility of losing it, fists raised, defiant.  You will always remember that day too.

What about the in between time?   Your time frame, in the process of losing or gaining.  The struggle blurs in comparison to to loss and the triumph.  The difficult questions are, what did you do to lose it? and what did you do to gain it.  What can I do to ensure this struggle not only achieves what I need it to, but that I will sustain the gain and never have to lose it or fight for it again.  But here is the bigger question.  What is IT?

"IT "  is your human right to greatness.
"IT" is your belief that you deserve greatness.

"IT" is when you are bouncing on your father's knee and you believe him when he says "You can be anything you want to be when you grow up"
"IT" is you becoming your greatness you deserve.

There are a million reasons why we can lose faith in "IT"
There is only one way to get faith in "IT" back.....believe!!!!

It may take many steps to learn how to believe again, but the fact that you once so easily did believe, should encourage you that to believe in you is possible once again.

You learn to "BELIEVE IN YOU" again
Then you will learn to "DREAM" again
And you will "PROTECT YOUR DREAM" because you remember what it was like to live without one
And When you Protect Your Dream, you will Learn Once Again to "LOVE YOUR LIFE" with childlike eyes of wonderment that know no barriers
Then having been "without" you will yearn to protect the Dreams of Life for others,  Your Love of Living will be Infectious and in becoming such "YOU WILL MEAN SOMETHING TO YOUR WORLD"


So here is where I come in.
You will hear how I lost my Dream.
You will witness my regaining my Dream.
You will feel my childish wonderment that knows no Barriers in my Love of Life,
Because I will share how I am sustaining it.  Through all the trials and struggles that remain, life remains a wonderment, and that Wonderment is Infectious.

Step by step, together we share Love Of Life.  It is our human responsibility to share this, for if we are not making someone else's life better, we are wasting our time, wasting our own life.

The Steps begin from here.  Subscribe, watch, join in, leave comments. learn, love, talk.

We are in this together, you and me.  There is no failure unless you simply decide not to try.  So put it in your mind that YOU are guaranteed to succeed.

This is the Journey that proclaims to our world,
I Want my Life to mean something!,
I want my work to mean something!,
I want my family to mean something!.

GTOC is just the beginning.  From here we work together on the four cornerstones that sustain our lives.
Click on the beginning or click on the end.  It doesn't matter, this is your journey.
Just Do it,
Just Start the Journey,
Because Success is the Journey.....V

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