Monday, August 13, 2012

Blog#22 Building GTOC

It is an interesting journey to find your place in the world.  I am understanding now why people go "to find themselves"..I was most fortunate to have to have four children to "ground me" keep me from wandering into the invitation of design that my portfolio had afforded me.  With my "then" unlessoned view of my world....I would have been eaten alive or worse....hardened.

There are many, many life lessons to be learned by the woman who has known nothing of the world except what she was "allowed" to experience...or given her choices in life....what she has ended up "allowing herself" to experience.

This Woman must gain her experiences.  I have no regrets...I have met wonderful people and  I have met people I do not want to spend another moment with.

A few months ago, I was told that what I am creating for women. within GTOC is "too beautiful|"  and intimidating as such.  I don't believe this...What I believe is that women who are working for a better life deserve to be treated as wonderful as the world they are working to re-enter.  To this...I will proceed until an Aspiring Woman tells on one.....that they cannot progress in a world that believes in them...I go day to day battling what our society's system has said is too good for women like me....I believe in them as I have believed in me....and they will progress as I have ....and continue to....



  1. The "Too beautiful" is more a matter of a person's self confidence than anything else at times. Driven down too many times they are programed to think they don't deserve more, afraid they will be slapped down again.

    The jump from point "A" where everything is predictable to what from their viewpoint is a very challenging point "B" can be frightening, even small steps at times seeming like climbing Everest without Oxygen.

    The key is helping them get to the first few small success's, they won't always make it and sometimes they sabotage their own success, all you can do is show them the options life offers.

    1. I am very sensitive to the stages of Aspiring Women...I have lived every stage....I have had the life where "money was no object" right to the time I fainted from starvation....I have been humiliated and cheered by my peers....however....what made the greatest impression was the day an old friend said to me....after telling them of our abandoned circumstance ... they said I never once portrayed a woman in need....this is what I show to women who will talk with me....I show them where they deserve to be and I will work with them till they believe that I believe in them.

    2. I agree completely. It's like I said the other night, sometimes your own example is what will make all the difference in the world. Them knowing you've been there and made your way back shows it is possible. Leading by example and paying it forward can works wonders in even the worst cases.