Thursday, November 8, 2012

GTOC Blog #28 Allowing Self Redundance

I have to admit, I didn't categorize myself as redundant until I was eternally negated by employers searching for that one thing I did not have.  It was redundant that I excelled at the exponential experience they detailed for their mundane state of position.  My resume did not entail the one detail they desired....I was therefore categorized as redundant, like so many 40+ women before me.

"Hi, I am redundant....I have been searching for a meaningful position that will fill me with the gratification of accomplishment,  I work hard 24/7/365/, my  team adores me, my mission is to fulfill the quota entailed within the company that would employ my redundant butt.......Hi, I am redundant."

In 1993 I released my dream career to remain home with my first child, then again in 1995 with my second child, 1997 with my third & in 2001 with mr. baby gaby.

Since this decision, I unknowingly and seemingly signed the document detailing my redundancy.

In 2004, my redundancy became evident to me as the the father of all 4 of my children skipped country.

"Hi, I am redundant...I have worked within my chosen career, handed my dream job on a silver platter for my efforts, worked an abundance of meaningful positions, have the highest provincial real estate law grading, have raised 4 children and survived a physically, emotionally, & mentally abusive relationship, successfully achieving complete Love of Life, it's people, it's community....and I.........I am redundant."

Definition of Redundant:  "being in excess; exceeding what is usual or natural: a redundant part."
As I explained to my children the why's of me taking a position far below my capabilities I would explain,...."Mommy has been out of work for a long time while I stayed home....there are many women who have lots and lots of education that will be Mommy's bosses."....then they would meet these "very intellectual women" and my children afterwards would say...."it sounds like Mommy is taking care of these very intellectual women,...."....and following tuck in time...I would hide in my room and cry.  

I was ready to soar,....however the world around me was telling me to crawl.... why?

Sometimes, yes...we have to crawl a few times before we truly learn to soar.  Each of us differs.  Some soar at the offset.  Some must learn to soar.....maybe we need to crash land on a few occasions before soaring encompasses our lives.

In 2005 I crash landed, with 4 children all under the age of 12.  By the time 2006 arrived, I had struck a note in a new career and created an abundance of neighborhood abusers that would block my efforts to provide a living for my children.  I was "kinda pretty" I worked too hard....I was a happy, loving mom, I must be a horrible person somewhere....the rumors were plentiful and spread from the small town moms to their small town children and were readily injected into my already injured children.

Together we faced an abundance of obstacles.  To this day my only answer as to how we survived and thrived is our absolute love for each other.

In 2010,  I announced my decision to create a company, not like any before me, that would aid women like me in achieving their goals.  That would fill the loop holes and cracks our current system created.  I created a viable business that would achieve what others of similar sorts could not.  

Myself, my children, consciously decided.....we don't need a stock pile of food (we've been without for so very long, why would we need it now)....we don't need a new car ( we fly on a wing and a prayer)...we don't need designer or name brand clothing ( mom was a designer...we are too) ....we rarely go out to dinner/movies/shopping/....we have 9 acres across which we hike, together,...we dance in the fields,  we borrow movies instead of having tv....we know....there is more to life than things....and we did it.

In 2012, we really did it!  We,....the kids and I, created a home any woman would be proud to say she lived in. We turned our home into a place we would be proud to invite other women and their children into.  We worked hard.  We created flower gardens, stone walls to contain them, we cut acres of grass...created multitudes of patios for various moments in various women's lives.

Then we purchased another home.  I took on a second night time job to cover the mortgages on both houses.  With faith....we have pilgrimiged forward.    It has taken time...and the first GTOC house for women opened it's doors in October, for the most wonderful and courageous woman and her sons.  We were proud the day we met this intelligent woman who loved life in a venue identical to your own.  What she required we could provide.  In accepting her efforts, a community was created.  The second woman arrived, desparately in need of a warm environment.  GTOC's  Rose Hall was becoming viable.

The second house was under renovation.....and an emergency occurred.  The local support and aid supplier declined assistance and GTOC was brought to task.  From this....a new avenue for those who would need has been established....The "FURNITURE FRIEND-ZE".  From here, those in need without a doubt, will receive the required healthy food for their families FREE of CHARGE....beds, chairs, tables etc for their homes FREE of CHARGE....

I run it currently from my home that I am renovating for the next round of GTOC women.  With the support of community we will expand on this.

I am proof,  my children/ my family is proof, our community is proof....we can achieve what is required to support the efforts of those who wish to work hard to achieve permanent quality of life.  We have decided via GTOC to be the "hand up" for those who are ready to achieve.  We are the "hand up" while we await those who are not ready to achieve yet as well.

Glass Tower Offices Corporation, may be my brain child.  However, it is my communities achievement. THEY have stepped forward.  THEY have seen the need.  I have only given direction.  THEY have given HOPE where it was needed. 

I am no longer redundant.   I am needed.

Everyday, I meet with women who feel as I once did.  "Redundant".  

I tell the my story.  They tell me there's.

Together we set a goal, that will make them feel needed, not only by their community...but by themselves.  For that is where it begins...... V xo

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