Sunday, November 25, 2012

GTOC Blog #29 Live What You Believe

I grew up in a family that remained true to the historically described severely unromantic notion of  Irish Anger.   I can recall several instances growing up where, dramatic anger,...larger than life....were the norm.  Swift Vikingish visualizations of an enfuriating rage and decapitating ax swipe of the massive Conan the Barbarian,  romantically handsome Kull the Conqueror, ahhh yes....even the terrifiying Ivan the Terrible!....were dramatisized in my everyday life as a child.....or shall I say romantisized????   My father, a true Irishman, ruled his family with an iron fist and a leprachanish twinkle in his eye......  My Mom,.....classically elegant and the solid pillar that held my father's beliefs. Mom, the Romantisized Romanian Gypsy, tiny and mighty in one solid glance.  My father would educate and discuss religious and political history with my Mom with stories that kept us children enthralled through long family dinners each fantastical.....yet always with humor in each story that would ignite that leprachanish twinkle.  Dad would chide Mom on her Romanian ancestry with a fully accented Vladimir the Impaler historical renditions a la Boris Karloff......" I Wan TO Suck Yo Blood!!!!"  ahahahahahahahahah!!!

I romantisize my childhood.  I am a Storyteller like my father.  When you ask, I will recant an episode unlike any you have ever experienced, taken from my life of travel, loves won, loves lost, ...and I will make you feel.   Feel a lifetime you ache to experience.  All embellished upon true facts.  For it is how a Storyteller views there world, their community. 

I have also inherited my father's tenacity....and raging anger at injustices.  While my father's influence was quick to temper, my mother's was much more temperate.  I thank God everyday that I recognized the difference at an early age.  There have been times in my life I was justified to rage in a physical manner that would could easily subdue Ivan the Terrible and entice a full blown retreat within Vladimir himself.  Without my mother's influence of self control, I could easily be incarcerated at this date.  Yes I have very much been influenced by my father's tenacity to correct injustices with my Mother's temperate intellect to negotiate for the good of community.

Like my Mother I have been considered extreemly redundant and unintelligent for the majority of my life.  Not because I displayed this characteristic but more because I displayed no characteristic to differentiate myself from a quiet tenacious snail that carried it's house, strong but enduringly silent.  Since my father's passing, my Mother has taken on the role of being vocal in her beliefs.  She no longer stands supportive behind my father...she stands true to her own, irregardless of who, what, when, doesn't matter how tiny you are....stand what you believe. 

The common element inherited from both my parents.....stand tall, be heard.....Live what you Believe.

At 47 years old.....I have finally heard the message my parents passed on to us children.  ..."Live What you Believe". 

This is no simple task. 

I believe in the love, the sanctity of marriage, but even with 18 years of effort,  I have yet to experienced it. 
I believe in "love thy neighbor"...but I have experienced neighbors that witnessed  the hardships bestowed upon myself and endured the degradation of their cheers encouraging my oppressor. 
I have tried to believe in me.  But I am the first to let myself down.

At 47 years old,  today a simple question was asked of me and I responded, without hesitation...."Live What You Believe"

So I put before you, my Community and I put before myself .... What do You Believe???

I believe in the goodness of people.....If you tell people they are good.....they will hold true.
I believe in the love of humanity....If you tell people they can help their brother with a smile.....they will smile.
I believe in children, ..I watch many families around me trying to instill basic loves...I watch them succeed.
I believe we have been provided with an abundance, it is our duty to share...and accept what others will share.

I believe we have innate abilities to shine beyond our conceptual expectations. 
I believe it is our duty as members of an international community release the conceptual inhibitions and shine to benefit our international brother and sister.

True to Governmental and Corporate structurally monetary mentalities, encompassing the international community with a movement of  "communal brotherhood" is an achievement we are striving towards with intrepid steps.....they require a model.....a model of success within a structured statistical atmosphere, called "Community'.

So we are taken to task.  WE  are a COMMUNITY. 
Within our local community we have the privileged, ...and at times even our privileged need aid.
Within our local community we have the consistents. ...and sometimes even our consistents need aid.
Within our local community we have the underprivileged,....and sometimes even our underprivileged need aid.

HERE is our model, within a structured statistical atmosphere.
HERE is our task.

What can each of us privileged, consistents, & underprivileged do within this community model to create a successful benefit to our brother and sister?

What are you willing to do?  What do you believe in?  What do you live?

When you decide to have children and you create a world of love around them, does it include a community that believes?  Do you encourage them to engage with our international community?  In this day, is there any other way to achieve knowledge other than to engage at such a level?

We ask ourselves all these questions when we bring our children into our local and international community.  What do we want for our Children?  We want them to experience a world better than what we experienced with the everlasting tenacious believe in respect of love and life. 

So show them here, what is possible.
So show our Government what our Local Community has made possible.
So show our Corporate and International Community what we have made possible.

Stand up. Be heard.  Live What You Believe.
This is our International Community Model based upon the success of our Local Community Model.

This year my Mother told me of my Father's taste for the disgusting combination of peanut butter and onions on toast.  Completely my concept of an abomination of a long standing peanut butter and toast treat within my childhood and adult families. This evening, I ventured forth, petrified of the "hereditarial" abomination  for this taste yet trusting of his tenaciously Irish sensibilities of old. 

This evening, I tasted my first endeavor into green onion dipped in skippy peanut butter.....uncertain I dipped into the large skippy jar with my green produce, once again.....and yet a third time......shall I say 5th/6th ?????

Oh Danny Boy,;....What have you hidden from my taste buds?....What lays afront me in the newly found experience of my taste buds experimentation with endeavorous tastes of old?....come to me O'le Danny Boy for the onion dipped Skippy Be Callin' to me from times of old....

I return to my hereditary influences of a tenaciously Irish Father and a patiently Romanian Mother.....I am blessed.  For my family is my Community...and I have been taught the most enduring lesson of old.....

Live What You Believe....  V xo

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