Friday, February 15, 2013

GTOC Blog #35 My Superhero Cape is feeling a little wilted today....

When I started writing these blogs it was because I wanted people to understand and experience that I am simplistic,a  real single Mom still struggling to manage to keep afloat her larger than average family, with dignity and love.

Since GTOC began, I have been increasingly celebrated as a woman who not only cared and spoke true for a cause, but provided solutions, hope, the point where I feel someone larger than me was being celebrated.

I am still just that terrified me.
I am that little girl who's Daddy hugged her and told her everything would be alright when her world fell apart...and I believed.
I am that daughter that hugged her Mom every Sunday in church when her Dad had to go to God.
I am that Teen...who once again, actually for the first time, experienced the ravages of the heart & body. 
I am that Mom that has struggled and appreciated her children's love of the family unit....even without a father.
I am that Working person,.....dedicated to her clientele's needs over her own to the level of 3 full time jobs at any one day.
I am that person who created a company that would address life's inequities with the solution needed.....not me.....a community of people,  just like me AND willing to support the efforts of those willing to work hard to achieve better quality of life.

And today, I sit quietly in a dark room.  I am searching for answers.  Solutions.  Not for me.  But for those who celebrate who the Community has said I am.  And yes, I cry.  Because I so badly want to be, ultra rich and solve the most basic of issues, food and shelter.  I am that daughter who's mother is suddenly not well.  Yet I hold to the women I have devoted my efforts and my spirit to.  Some I know, know and support with their own caring.  Other I know, want of me what they cannot ask of others.  When did they forget what is was like to pull together their own efforts instead of standing back and draining another's?

I want to put on a super human cape and solve their issues for them.  But today my cape feels wilted.   It is not simply invisible.  It does not exist.  Because what I cannot comprehend how some people believe it to be simply acceptable to drain from one giving person, what they will not fight for.  Have they given up?

When someone believes in you, you cannot give up.  You can take a break.  Oh Yes...we all need breaks,...but giving up is not an option.  If all avenues are blocked....create your own.  I did.  I am simple.  I know anyone can do this.  My goal is to tell them to never stop trying.  Not at another's expense.  But create your own opportunities when the world says there are none.  Tell the world No!  This is your choice.

The goal of GTOC has and will always be to detail to it's local Community, how each of us easily can step forward, without upsetting our natural balance within our lives, to assist those who the world has taken away their opportunities.

As a Community, this is a simple task. 

As one individual, trying to be heard by politicians with the power to affect the issues and who refuse to engage, and only heard by those who search for an avenue, it is so difficult to accomplish each task. 

I see the Community draw together.  We need to be one voice.  We need to address anyone who has the ability to affect the system, because it is them that fears engagement.  Through them.  With them.  We can affect the system.  It is our Community that holds the super human cape.  And it is strong.  Teach and Learn together and we can help those who need to learn to help themselves.  As long as we allow our political programs to hide behind blind rules of engagement, we are telling them (the politicians) not to engage, not to join in. 

Instead, let's us, as a Community teach them, how they can join in with us and affect a system of inequities.  Those who will stand will affect.  Those who will not, can walk behind.  For we as a community know forward movement,...let's show them how it is done, and teach them how even though they too are simple people, they can achieve together with those they promise to represent. 

I head now to cuddle within those I love.  My children.  Because from the mouths of babes, simple answers make themselves known.  And true love allows the communication of souls.   V xo

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