Friday, March 15, 2013

GTOC Blog #37 That full circle of life thing.... V xo

Tonight I had the dearest of pleasures to once again sit cushioned in a theatre seat.  Lush ambiance and heightened anticipation surrounded me.  It has been almost 2 decades since my career in the theatre ended.  Yet the scent, the feel, the love of it's imaginative creativity seemingly has not left my conscious. 

I recall artistic temperments, moments of ingeniously clevered solutions to anxieties of dissatisfactions....and I recall the look on the audiences' face as they stood in applause to the characters we all tasted in creating.

I sat very still tonight in the theatre....this wasn't my time....yet I hugged myself in anticipation.  Tonight was my first time experiencing my daughter Sissy's endeavors in theatrical productions!

How would she handle the lack of timed applause and laughter?  the seemingly irrational timing of stage lighting? a possible equipment malfunction? ....a budding actress of her own regard, Sissy stood proud of her endeavors to learn and produce effective stage lighting and sound for each and every performance. 

I glanced over my shoulder following an irregular surge in volume of Mr. Dean Martin himself....and she took all in professional stride...with a smile and the grace of the young woman she is becoming. ... and the hereditary goofiness only a daughter of mine could so charmingly portray.

My Sissy, was thriving in the greatness and hard work of life in the theatre.
My Sissy...

As I cozied into my cushioned seat preparing for act 2.....I once again hugged myself....proud....My Sissy!!!  ...knowing full well that should the "City hall ghost" reappear and tamper with Mr. Dean Martins' music volume once again....the entire theatrical cast and crew could count on My Sissy to smooth the edges, integrate the ghostly malfunctions into a performance appreciated by all it's attendants and devotees!!  V xo

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