Friday, March 22, 2013

GTOC Blog #38.....Live Life's Passion!!!

I absolutely love when people ask me How I am able to do what I do within GTOC!!  There are a multitude of projects consistently pushing forward at all times, probably enough to boggle the throttle on most person's to do lists. 

. . . However, I don't believe that is what they are referring to.

While I put my financial well being at risk, everyday for this effort....I don't believe that is entirely what they are referring to either.

What I believe they are referring to are the multitude of unsavory characters that would take advantage of my efforts for them, to the point of harming my personal, financial, emotional, physical well being.  Yeah, I know......I have made many V haters out there!

This is why I LOVE when people ask me the "how" questions.  I always respond with the same answer....because I believe there are many more good people out there than there are bad and if I have to sift through all the bad to find one good....then I will.  Don't get me wrong.  With each person I have to sift through, I hurt.  I go home.  I cry.  Why?  Not because of the damage they have done to me financially or emotionally, but because tomorrow I will wake up, cleansed, refreshed and still entirely and positively in love with life.  They however will be chipping away, negative, moving on to the next person to utilize & manipulate with their lies and all those dreams they have professed will slowly die.  And I cried, because I felt their dreams live, take flight and then sadly I felt their dreams die.

There is no miracle cure and I am so very much not a miracle worker.  It is a simple recipie of life.  "Do unto others".  You cannot force someone to succeed.  You can empower them, but the effort, like the goals, are theirs to achieve.

For every one V Hater out there, there are 10's of 100's of V supporters.  They don't have to like me, I am not the important factor here.  They do however support GTOC's efforts to empower women to a better quality of life.  I am so amazingly encouraged by their shows of support that I keep on sifting, sifting, until I find a true GTOC woman.  She is the reason, GTOC was created.  I have had the greatest of pleasures in meeting some of these women.  The fact that they give me the opportunity to assist them on their journey astounds me and simply reinforces my beliefs.  I believe we are all given special, personal gifts.  And I believe it is our duty to share these gifts with our neighbors.  I know my gift.  God gave me a heart so big that while I may not have a "shield" to protect it, it grows consistently stronger so that in spite of all the stresses and worries and hurts of GTOC, being a single Mom, my life....I am still able to appreciate the beauty in everything and everyone around me.  In fact I thrive in sharing this gift.  Another truth in life, "the more you give, the more you receive."  What is your gift?....are you sharing it?....if it grow!!!  if you it again!!!!  and love it!!!  

Go ahead, today, close your eyes and raise your face to the warmth of the sunlight.  Identify your gift.  Choose who to give it to.  Then do it....Live Life's Passion!!!

My children get the same pep talk I give myself....Life is Hard, sometimes it sucks but it's your choice to be and see beautiful, it is your choice how you will grow and improve life for yourself and for others. I don't expect other people or my children to have this same passion for GTOC's efforts.  I expect them to have so much passion for their life journey that they don't just walk it....they fly it!!!  I know what it's like to almost lose life passion, to have it taken from you, to have to fight for it, to struggle to get it back.....and so GTOC has been created to reinforce your life passion as a thank you to so many that supported me back into mine.

I love when people ask me the "why" questions ... because it presents me with the opportunity to reassess my Passion for I "flying"??.....why YES!!!  and my bet is that if you are smiling that knowing, peaceful smile by the end of this blog.....You are flying too!!!  V xo


  1. dianelyndon@gmail.comMarch 22, 2013 at 9:06 AM

    Dusting off my temporarily crippled wings and getting ready to fly with you...smiling xo

  2. Never believe crippled my love.....always on the repair for higher flight!!! V xo

  3. I happened to stumble across your story and the first thing I thought was "wow, what an incredible, empassioned woman". You are truly an inspiration for other women in a similar situation to get back on their feet after having everything pulled out from under you. I have been divorced from the mother of my children for over 15 years but we have remained good friends. But, that was painful enough so I can't even imagine what it would have been like for someone to walk out permanently. At least you had your children to help move you forward.
    I felt I would commment on this blog because I admit that one of the things I thought to myself is that for every person you tried to help, and who legitimately wanted to better themselves, there might be many more who would take advantage, and also many who would feel hopeless. I would imagine those things could grind you down quite a bit but it's great to see that you recognize those risks, have figured a way to deal with them, and continue to do the great work you do.
    I'll have to check out your GTOC site and see if there is perhaps something I can assist with, as I imagine you must have a network of volunteers to keep this great idea going forward?

  4. Thank you C Haines, my goal is and has always been to empower communities to support women/men who must begin again, step forward and show strengths beyond their conceived abilities....Without trying to sound simplistic and evangalistic, most communities do wish to show their supports, they are simply searching for an avenue to do it that will not be detrimental to their financial and personal lives. It has been my intention to demonstrate how everyone in every community has a huge gift and how they can share their gift without fears. And then it is my mission to show our government how we, as constituents within their communities are accomplishing what they cannot, simply through grouped small efforts.
    I do thank you for your kind words. I have been working at this and more recently with a group of supporters for about 10 years now. it will forever be a struggle given my life experience, but it is a good fight and as such...well worth every moment, good, bad or ugly....please do volunteer via the Glass Tower Offices Page....Every thought, every word, every effort creates another accomplishment of hope within another community. Thank you. V xo