Friday, December 21, 2012

GTOC Blog #32 At the End of your World...Choose LOVE !!

Today,....the last day of the end of the world....OR....the first day of the rest of our world?

I was invited to say a quick few words to a graduating class at Rosewood College today.  I was asked because I represent women who have fought back and have worked hard, ethically to become a success. 

I do not view myself as a success.  The picture I have of the "successful me" in my mind is similar to the me of today....however....the "successful me" has achieved the ability to support the efforts of women internationally. I could not say this to the Graduating Class of Rosewood Ladies...what I could say is that I came from nothing and I still try to smile at myself every morning in the mirror.  In that smile, I see the little girl that dared the world to challenge her.  In that smile, I see kindness because I love my world.  If my smile can eliminate my own greatest fears and make me feel like I can believe in the me I strive to be.....then it is possible this same smile shared can help others to "feel" my earnest belief that they too can become what they strive to be?  So I tell them,  set your focus on your goals, and feel the success you have already achieved....believe like others do...they believe in your ability to become that successful person you strive to be.

In what I do, I see so very much pain...yet I also see the look of defiant hope in the eyes of so many.  We talk...and eventually the defiant hope transitions to acceptance of hope....success in baby steps to the goal we all strive for....better quality of life.   I have often wondered when my acceptance of my own hope would be achieved.  Each in their own time.  Mine seemed to elude me.

This week our world underwent a transition.  Believer in the end or not was not the issue.  We all either held our breaths in large gulps or tiny gasps.  So many talked with me of their fear of  the end.  Not for themselves but for those they loved.  Deep down, I think the majority believed it would not be the tragic end of life,...end of the world....however they allowed themselves the time to consider what it was about their world ...what was of the greatest importance to them in their world....I did the same.

Of course mine was My Monsters and their's was the became of utmost prominence to the hearts and minds of most.  We prepared as a family with love.  If it was to be the end of the world...we ensured we knew and lived Love and like we do everyday...we hugged...and today we gathered....we have remained close....we remain as a unit of Love together in our world we have chosen to show Love faced with the end of the world.

In our world each of us contacted our "other Loves" and ensured they knew, they believed, they felt our Love for them in their lives, in their worlds....we may have not been able to "tell" them previously....the prevailing winds of catastrophe enabled us to display....LOVE.

The hyped "End of World" time frames came and went.....and we have slowly eased our breathing from gulps, to gasps, to assured strong deep breaths of relief. ...

Faced with the possibility of the end of life as we knew it,...we chanced a greater show of Love irregardless of it's repercussions ...was it difficult... no it was compelling.  Telling Family you Love them is is the deepest of Loves and it is expected....How do you tell that One person that will be your personal "Cloud Atlas"....that they are/were the one even if it isn't to be in this life.????  How do you tell that Stranger....they are Loved in their Community?....You are compelled with the looming disaster of the catastrophe of our World....Did you before Catastrophe Loomed?...Do you now that Galactic Catastrophe no longer holds our breaths in captivity?

Say "YES"....if you believed in the display of Love when you thought your world would end....How could you not believe in Love when your beautiful world remained here for you to Love!?!  Of Course, you knew I would say that!!...

There are so very many ways to show Love in your Community....don't get angry at that driver in front of you who doesn't move out your way fast enough....that is LOVE ...  wish that pan handler that holds the door for you while she holds out her can for change, the best of days!!... GIVE your is your GREATEST show of LOVE.....let your SMILE reach your those you smile at...they will BLOSSOM....and it took you no effort except to allow yourself to share your LOVE.  Your life becomes enriched as does the life of the person you shared your LOVE with.

So YES, my world ended today, so that I could begin my world of LOVE with the earnest knowledge that today, tomorrow and forever I will not only display my deepest LOVE for my Monsters and my Family....this includes, letting go of difficulties and replacing them with hugs...I will also continue to display my LOVE  for my friends....even when they confuse me with their's okay....I believe and LOVE them for who they are....MY friends.....I will also continue to LOVE my COMMUNITY...How could I not..?? 

Say "YES !!!" everyday is based upon;

 my early morning prayers that I will be given the opportunity to positively affect someone's life,

my morning mirror smile assuring myself that I LOVE me....and I LOVE my world,

my God given LOVE to believe in my neighbor, my co-worker, my Community,

my view of my world is beautiful....I see my World through Smiling Eyes....this is MY SUCCESS....

In 2005, Christmas Eve, I entered the Mall....with a goal....I wanted to feel the LOVE of my Community when my children and  I had been so easily abandoned.  We felt Lost,....Our "safe world" had disappeared.  I opened the Mall doors for a woman obviously in a "shattered" stressed Christmas she thanked me, I smiled and she looked into my eyes.....I am sure there was a sadness there in my eyes....she stopped her "shattered" moment and turned to me....with a "Merry Christmas" wish she held my frightened gaze....with a smile.  A smile that said "everything will be okay...Love will win".....I reached forward and held her arm as she struggled with her was then I realized....LOVE WILL smile renewed....I hugged this woman...this stressed stranger....with the hug of CHRISTMAS LOVE...."thank you" I whispered to her...

Since that day, each Christmas Eve, I go to the Mall in search of those eyes either stressed or smile show CHRISTMAS LOVE has become a tradition....I now have a route and fans of christmas hugs come forward for their no other hug....a CHRISTMAS hope for LOVE.....the greatest of gifts we can offer each other is LOVE AND HOPE.

Whether our world ends today or when our time transfers to those we leave to continue our traditions....let's leave them with HOPE and LOVE.

So today,  YES my world ended.!!!  Thankfully I have been given the God given talent to COMMUNICATE with my world.....MY COMMUNITY....LOVE AND HOPE....this is my NEW world.....MY NEW WORLD......thank you for being one of the most important and influential beings in my MY new world....HUGS.....CHRISTMAS HUGS......LOVE AND HOPE  ...... V xo

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