Monday, August 19, 2013

GTOC Blog #43 Is Failure a Negative or a Positive Word?

Working within the human industry, labels are generally have a very negative or positive influence on our lives.  The "Failure" Label can indicate to us that we are just not good enough.  Not a good enough parent, not a good enough spouse, not a good enough provider etc etc.  These thoughts have a very negative affect on how we see ourselves and how we believe others see us.

Most of us are very hard on ourselves and liberally self-impose the label of "Failure" yet when it comes to others, we understand that circumstances do happen and we not only tell them that we are proud of them for trying, we also tell them not to give up and to try again!!  HUH?!?!

In essence either we are lying (a negative word) & giving false (negative) hope or we have a super human power of bearing the cross for all mankind's failures so that no one should feel it's burden. (Ridiculous!)

I am not going to address our self depreciating tendencies.  Instead I am going to tell you "STOP IT !!!!"

What makes you think you are so much better than everyone else and super human and all that?!?!  You are not!!  We are equally amazing.  Because you tried.  Because I try.

So here is the thing.  What if you looked up the word "Failure" in the dictionary and it said "Your Name & go jump off a cliff because you are just not worth anything else?"  Would you???  NO!!

Instead you would fight back and say "BUT I TRIED MY BEST!!!"

At that exact moment the world sends you a message  "Learn from it & Then do it again!"

Now let's try an experiment.  Verbally, call yourself a "Failure".  What do you feel?
Then sit down and write a list of all the steps you took to reach your "Failed" goal.
There are probably a lot of successful steps in that list, right?
Write down "Successful" beside each item on the list that you achieved.

You have just mapped out what NOT to do next time and what TO DO next time.  You "LEARNED" NOW DO IT AGAIN.!!!

Thank goodness we are fallible, that we have failures.  Look how much we have learned from our Failures!!  We wouldn't know how to succeed if we didn't know the steps it took to fail.

I believe "Failure" is a positive word.  Because we tried to Succeed!!! 

Go take a moment.  Do the experiment.  Regroup and relabel your thoughts.  Learn & Do it again!!  V xo

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