Wednesday, August 21, 2013

GTOC Blog #44 The "V" Concept on ASKING FOR HELP & getting it !!

I do believe that most of us knowing someone is in need, would champion their cause and find a way to help them.  I have to believe it is human nature to want to help others, even if we ourselves cannot solve the problem, we can rally together, ask others to help to the cause as well and at the very least help a little.  Maybe even enough that the assisted person feels thankful, hopeful and refreshed towards assisting themselves. 

Truly we all have down moments.  But what happens when those down moments magnify in a tidal wave of misfortune and every which way you turn to solve the issue, you are rejected or mislead?  False hope can eventually ruin the most positive of souls and those down moments become a rejected life.  Asking for help isn't even an option anymore because you don't believe anyone will help.  Life's opportunities no longer exist in your state of mind. 

Of late I have been encouraged as to changes within our Social Assistance system that do more than simply maintain  basic needs.  Something that wasn't there when I needed help.  I am so pleased to see it's beginnings, however what I want to see, what I believe our local community and global society requires is an amplified effort to put the opportunity of a truly higher education before those who are willing to work hard to achieve it.  I want to see those in our Social Assistance system go after those people who have lost hope because they do no know the opportunity is there.  They have been so demoralized that searching for hope in opportunity is a non existent thought.  Or it is for more fortunate others.  Someone needs to go after them.  Show them that they won't be rejected or mislead.  That hope and opportunity really do exist for those willing to work hard for it. 

Of course, if they are only being offered minimal education so that they can only achieve low wage or commissioned employment upon working hard to achieve the education, where is the hope and opportunity in that? 

On the flip side, how many movies have celebrated the underdog and their achievements to a greatness that so many of us take for granted?  And we all cheer them on!!!  The world loves the fighting spirit of the underdog.  No matter how many times they get kicked, they muster the will to come back.  In the movies we witness the world whittle their spirit away and the climax is that deciding moment when they ask for help in a last desperate attempt.  Then with that small opportunity of hope, against all the odds in their lives,  they gather all their strengths and achieve their greatness.  Some spark in them reignites into a  burning flame that cannot be extinguished! 

We leave the movie theater thinking "what a nice story, if only it could happen for me in my work, in my family, in my life".  But we don't ask for the opportunity of hope and change.  Our life circumstances win the battle and push the "nice movie thoughts and hopes" out of our minds.

It isn't simply the Socially Assisted  persons that require the opportunity of hope. 
How many of us have laid awake in bed at night knowing we deserve a better employment we have worked so hard for! 
Or the opportunity to take a real holiday some where we only see in the movies, just for once in our lives!  Or the hope to escape a toxic relationship we are trapped within?

We look at all these situations from the outside and we know how they can achieve their goals but are we willing to help them to see the answer?  If we understood that in all their struggles, they cannot any longer see the steps to hope & opportunity, then would you not care enough to try another way to help them, even if they don't verbally ask for it?

I have championed the cause to assist hundreds of women now, either alone or by rallying community and I don't always wait for them to ask for help, most often I simply show them a friendly smile and a hint of hope and that is the real beginnings of new opportunity for them, and then I follow through, every time.  Yet I have once to stand before my community and say, I am me!  Of course my image is the eternally optimistic positive personality that absolutely and completely loves her life, why would I need help?  What could I possibly need help with? 

Truth be told, I have the amazing talent of helping others learn how to help themselves, but wouldn't begin to know how to do the same for myself. If I did not have children here to love and protect, I would not have become the eternally, optimistic, positive personality, I would have given up the struggle a long long time ago.
I absolutely love my life because I know deep in my heart where I would have been without my children.   And I know I am so very fortunate, that it is my life's responsibility to share my true fortune of hope & opportunity.  Then without asking, it is returned to me at the exact time I needed it the most.

Last eve, I got a call from one of my dearest of friends.  She was going through trials in her belief of right and wrong, of fairness in life and what she needed to hear was someone's belief in her was unwavering.  She never asks for help, like me she helps others, sometimes to her own detriment.  My belief in her is unwavering and she needed to hear that without ever asking to hear it. 

It's funny how the world works.   By the end of the conversation she had answered one of my most heart wrenching questions.  Without my asking, she gave me hope & opportunity to something I have yearned for since I was a small child.  Funny how the world works...

All of us deserve the right to our own version of greatness.  If we open up our eyes and our hearts we can hear the calls for help before they are asked.  Responding to these calls is part of our personal steps to our own greatness, individually or as a global community.  Our world needs exactly this, right now.  V xo

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