Thursday, February 2, 2012

GTOC Blog 10 From the flip side of Real as the Buyer!

I am learning a new appreciation for representation of Buyers.  If I had to express the stress in three words  O-M-G !!!!  If Zeus struck me with a bolt of lightening, I'd probably grab ahold and this 100 amp or 2?????

Here is my business vision as a real estate agent.....provide the Buyer with all the information so he/she can make an informed decision.

This is my first time buying all on my own.  I am my own representation.  I am attempting to buy a repossessed house, which means ALL information normally brought forth is completely unavailable without massive amounts of digging with the hopes that you are digging in the right direction.

It has come to my attention, that I have NEVER bought anything so risky and so very alone.  I actually never even knew what was on the forms (in my pre real estate career years) ex would simply say, here, and here ....done!

When you have a partner/husband to debate various aspects of a property, you bounce ideas of each other, each of you sees various pros and cons of the property....he feels his strengths while you feel you talents.....

What happens when there is no partner/husband to bounce ideas around, no strengths to renovate, only talents to imaginate family flow and comforts?????

Here is where I am.....I am relying on my experience as a Real Estate Agent to inform me into a good decision on purchasing a property.  Relying on friendly contacts to bring forth  any information that will hinder or accentuate the deal.  Hoping that the people you have referred clients to over the past years, will stand by and bring forth information.  Counting on friends with knowledge of renovation strengthes.

It is no wonder, I am not sleeping.  The renovation spreadsheets are streaming through my mind as I pick design, pick finishes, pick furniture....what about the rewiring to code....did I see galvanized...wonder if the FP has been inspected,.....can I get free and clear title upon closing??????

There is a new respect forming in me for the single mom, buyer/investor.....Yeah tho I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death....I shall fear no evil..........

This runs through my mind as I inspect the hydro within the property.....I see areas with or without updating.....

and the quote continues in my brain "FOR I AM THE MEANEST SON OF A BITCH IN THIS VALLEY"....

So glad it is situated in a nice neighborhood though......V

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