Thursday, February 16, 2012

GTOC blog 15.....Loving Life will dispell the judgmental opinions aimed at Sheltered Women ......

I am so serious about so very many things!!!  My good friend Andy of Donovan Group can attest to the fact that I get very serious, especially while emailing and driving!!  I am sure I could create complete speech campaigns, while I am "in mode".....the problem is GTOC is quite "all consuming"!!

The shock of my lifetime this week was discovering the public's opinionated view of women in emergency shelters.  Following the discovery of this opinion, I began to quiz many.....and the description remained along with many other very negative descriptive words.....head cases, mental issues, users, low lifers, drug addicts, etc. etc......

It was my very distinct pleasure to rock them off their high horses and declare, "I am just like the women in emergency shelters across our beautiful world".   These shelters were created for women like me, who were in distress at some point in their lives,  Just like me!!!

Crazed, they!  YOU are different!!!

I apologize, no......I am NO different.  

The women I have had the distinct pleasure to meet,  are the most beautiful and genuine women.

They have endured hell and know what heaven tastes like.  Just like me.

They laugh for the pure pleasure in the joy of laughter.  Just like me.

They feel gratitude for every moment of their existence, because someone somewhere attempted to extinguish or diminish them.....Just like me.

With a sparkle in my eye, I stand before everyone.....I FEEL MY WORLD......!!! you really FEEL yours???

Take a really close look at me.....because they/me.....we are the same....!

I do not represent the "head cases", "the women with mental issues", "the users", "the low lifers", "the drug addicts" etc. etc., but I am the woman emergency shelters were also created for.

So today we say to you:

1.  Who did you stand up for today, not because it was cool....but because you love human life?
2.  Who did you feed today?...not because you had too much, but because even though there wasn't enough, you remember when there was none.
3.  Who did you make laugh today?  Not because you had a good day, but because life was so very devastating to you today.....but you knew only you could make the devastation end for someone else..

There should be no, ....."I am a better human than you because I do this and you only do that!!"  We are ALL simply humans on this earth.  Judging and creating opinions of another only invites the acceptance of judging and creating opinions of ourselves as well.

I love sayings...they encompass so much with great visuality...."until you walk in another man's shoes....."

Don't judge these women because they have endured what our conditioned minds can only fathom as fiction in movies.....their hearts are filled,,....even if their bellies are empty, their hope is only to feel safe in life.

Similarly you should not be judged, for your secure financial income and full bellies.....if your heart is empty because you cannot FEEL LIFE  in it's most raw experience.

I do generalize to make a point.  If you are reading this blog in it's entirety, it is because whether you are poor or rich, happy or unhappy, full or recognize it is your daily choice to create a better world for someone somewhere with something as simple as a smile, a granola bar or a few kind words.....and in doing will not only FEEL YOUR WORLD......YOU WILL SHARE  YOUR WORLD....

....... V

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