Wednesday, February 1, 2012

GTOC Blog 9......On being a Class "A" Goof Ball.....

This adjective "goof ball" was one my father used often to describe one of us kids or the other.....or perhaps all of us at the same time on several a parent, I have always used the adjective "chicken butt" or "butt face" with loads of affection!

Why take life too seriously?.....

Hi!  My name is Veronica....I am a goof ball, chicken butt, butt face!!......and I know this "group" is here to cure me.....but......."I LOVE being a goof ball, chicken butt, butt face......and I can only hope it is hereditary to my children!!!"

Definition of a goof ball....being the first to do the whooping crane dance around the kitchen island....and none of the kids join in....

Definition of a chicken butt.....being the first to reach forward arms opened wide to a stranger and hug them like your long lost friend....and as you walk away a silent smile sparkles into their eyes....

Definition of a butt face......leaving work with everyone  slip sliding gingerly across the ice during a freezing rain shower....and you in 4 inch heels no less....sliding, falling, carefully dodging and screaming between them all yelling.........f-o-r-e- !!!!!!

Life is so short.........

Those who try to defame you, hurt you, try to affect the well being of you and your family....F-O-R-E !!!!  Fill your boots, I pity you because you just won't take the time to love the feeling of freedom as you butt face fly across the ice!!!

Those who want to join in but feel reservations.....grab my hand.....our chicken butts will soften the landing when we doubt our abilities to fly......

Those who join in the whooping crane dance around the kitchen island.....hey goof weekend come back .... let's do it again!!!

Life is too short,.....every moment.....good, bad or indifferent is an adventure I am not going to miss a second of it!!!.....V


  1. Wow, wonderful blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is magnificent, as well as the content!
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    1. Hi Martha!
      Thank you for your wonderful comment. I have only just started blogging. My GTOC project has given me a voice in something I truly believe in. A large part of GTOC is a public awareness campaign in which I try to keep grade school children excited about reading, writing & imagination through readings of my line of storybooks, as Veronica the Storyteller and also with teenagers and adults alike through speaking engagements on the importance of higher education and the opportunities available should life become difficult.
      I thought it was important for people to see and feel the single mom's struggle to a higher achievement and how we really could make her struggles easier as a community by helping her to help herself off of social assistance permanently & with dignity.

      Please do "share" these blog postings. By doing so we are all working together to reach out to people everywhere. V