Monday, February 13, 2012

GTOC Blog 13.....hmmmm single & Valentine's Day thoughts!!

Valentine's Day is one of those special occasions we can choose not to celebrate.  For what ever our reasons, we can pick our meaning within of life, love of friends, love of family....true love  or we can ignore it and simply enjoy our lives.  I do however, see many pining over being without love.  Truly if you were without one would hear or read your words.

I write and talk very bravely for a single mom.  I have learned to write and talk from my heart.  I am a HUGE romantic, almost always positive and if I am not either....nothing a glass of wine and a long walk with my puppy in the fields can't fix.

So here's the thing.  This week, I got called "damaged goods".  Yes I have a failed marriage. Yes, I am not very good at dating.  I seem to pick people who would try to do damage to me.  If having learned to stand up for myself....labels me "damaged goods"  give me the t-shirt.....I'll not only wear it proudly....I am talented enough, to design the t-shirt, sew the t-shirt, design the logo, market the t-shirt and have people around the world proudly displaying their "damaged goods".  Bring it on.....

So Valentine's Day rolls around, and I watch my dearest friends play work games with paper valentines, I hear my married and soon to be married friends declaring their love for eachother, I get texts from loved wives as they return home after a long day at work to a single red carnation in display of their husband's devotion and love, I see beautiful Love postings on my wall and on the walls of my friends, puppy loves me so much, she pees on me when I get home.....before I even dress for bed, still in my work clothes this late at night, I wander room to room as my children sleep....and very quietly I tell them each how much I love them.....yes I worked too many hours again and missed this evening's dinner, yes I was so tired driving back from work, I forgot to buy those heart shaped cookies for their lunches that I don't have time to make.  I look on my friends fb pages and watch their children grow too, I am so proud to be their friends.....I feel so full of love.....I question,...."damaged goods"  Truthfully yes....I am a GTOC woman.....but "damaged goods????"....hmmmm.....all right ......riddle me this:

Have you ever met eyes with someone for the first time and felt your soul's hold hands?
Have you ever spoken to someone from your soul  through a simple touch?
Have you ever respected someone so deeply that you didn't question them?
Have you ever felt the softness of their first kiss still years later?
Have you ever laid beside them and finally known how love was supposed to be?
Have you ever heard their voice as they laugh a real belly laugh in their text?
Have you ever sat quietly with someone,  knowing your hearts were dancing together?
Have you ever walked into a room and known they were there before you locked eyes and smiles?
Have you ever quarreled with out damaging words....simply agreeing to disagree?
Have you ever laid your head to their chest just to feel the beat of their heart and the rush of air as it entered their lungs.
Have you ever known that all those things you feel for that one person and they for you, will never happen in this lifetime but your love for them is so's simply lifetime....

Happy Valentine's Day Mom and Dad :)))

I apologise, but I do not see damage in these words,....I see strength.  I see a level of love beyond any possible damage anyone might attempt to inflict. 
I see a woman who loves life, her family, her friends, so entirely....that I wanted them all, this Valentine's Day to know they are loved. is your choice if you want to feel loved....... V

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  1. Great post Veronica. We all hope for that love that's total, not just the "Rainbows and Unicorns" crushes of new love, but that "I have your back" love sustains us against all the world has to throw at us.