Tuesday, February 7, 2012

GTOC Blog 12....Valentines Day and the single Mom..

Valentines Day....Romance.....Love.....it is next week, yet already I see the angst in those that yearn.   I get it, I feel the draw....I am not  heartless.  There are moments when I wonder, what if.....?   And I can't say I have not tried....however, I knew before I was ever single....dating really wasn't my thing.  Yes, I gave it the o'le college try.....(expressed with the o'le college arm swing)....however truthfully each time it seemed I ended up "taking one for the gipper"....

Does this mean I am not a romantic?.....Quite on the contrary my dears!  I do  believe I am one of the most romantic people I have ever known!!...and this is how I know it is true!!!

1.   As the 5:30 am alarm buzzed into my i-phone, I awoke to the sounds of my Sissy and my Conor preparing for their early morning bus to school.  Uniforms tidy, Conor softly leads June Bug on to my bed to cuddle with Baby Gaby and I.  Conor LOVES his June Bug....but Conor LOVES his Mom more than tomorrow.  All efforts are to let me asleep knowing I probably worked all night. Sissy, knowing I worked late last night but desperate for the hair straightener in my bathroom slowly squeaks open the door, elongating the sound effects vibrating through my sleep deprived, pain filled brain.  Tip toes  in the blackness, muffles a cry as she stubs her toe (Yes true to form I rearranged furniture last night), turns on the bathroom light blinding me, knocks over the the hair straightener on to the floor like a Jumungi Style in -house elephant stampede...then silently sneaks by me with a kiss on my cheek and whispers "I LOVE you", oblivious she's made a simple sound as the cord of the straightener bounces off my head.

2.  This morning when taking my June Bug puppy out for her duties, together we noticed the beautiful song of a bird in my forest.  In unison we both perked our ears and drew in a song we had not heard since the fall of the leaves in 2011.  Such rapture in declaring the oncoming of spring overwhelmed me and I stepped back into June Bug's dutiful landmine....with a smile....yes I think June Bug actually smiled HUGE back at me with my boot immersed in her landmine...we hugged.  Myself, appreciating that I did not slip and fall into her landmine....June Bug....well she is a puppy that LOVES me....she simply smiled!

3.  This afternoon my Cassie, so independent in her new College Res Abode, posts my blogs, in support of her o'le mom's efforts to create a company with the mission to change the world.   One of my biggest fans with the  most arduously true to heart opinions.  Cassie taught me LOVE as the first baby in a line of many.  Her royal blue eyes would pierce my heart through months of sleepless eves, dancing with her little self around the living room till she spewed  "LOVE" all over me....so necessary for the notoriously "Gassy Cassie" enabling her to fall asleep.  At 18 she doesn't "spew" on me anymore, instead we hold tight to each other in that special "Mother Daughter" LOVE as we release each other into a world each our own.

4.  With the Stress of owning two mortgages now, I have had only encouraging words from all my friends and family all day... Celebrating the successful growth of GTOC!!.  Knowing I have put forth, everything I am because I believe in Aspiring Women.  These people freely show their love in support of my efforts, even when I fail.

Some women have a supportive husband to come home to.  Me, I have my song birds, my puppy, my beautiful children and my endearing friends that all  teach me to listen with my heart, that stepping in poop won't hurt my soul (not sole!!), that my Monster's adore me even when I work too many hours and cannot be physically here with them,  and my friends....well they saw something in me I didn't even know was there until they believed.

So until MY Gerard Butler, dances into my life with a song in his heart and poop on his boots....I am so very LOVED and LOVE so many that this Valentines Day....if you see me.....smile back....I LOVE you too!!!...V

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