Thursday, January 19, 2012

Intro Blog...Day one

Everyone who knows me well, knows I keep very busy.  I have 4 beautiful kids that I adore, work two full time jobs, write and illustrate stories for young children, am creating a new fund in my dad's name for the Nampula children in Africa, and of course my dream company and of course, my passion, Glass Tower Offices & every Aspiring Woman I have the honor of meeting.  What you may not know about me is my obsessive organizational behaviour in the things that I do.  It used to be about my whole house when I stayed home with the kids, the cereal transferred to specific containers, the cans with all labels to the front, the closets with color coded sectional clothing, however it drove me to a level of insanity trying to maintain that along with my various works!....something had to give.  Sadly my house is a mess on any given ordinary day like today.

Of late what has been obsessively bothering my currently disorganized behaviour is the inability to keep all my works flowing together as one, they do inside of me!  As they do in my multi level arts & business table/desk.
Then this morning I noticed a fb friend blogged her thoughts....just on her.....on how she thought of things, whether they were artistic, business or life related....THEY were her all wrapped into one!  So this blog is me....all wrapped into one!!  It is the flow from one of my works to the next and how they all relate in unison to life.  Today's women, we work, we play, we mom, we wife, all wrapped into each day.

Things I want my kids to read, why I acted the way I did today....because you know I am completely my insane self around them!....Things I want my friends to read, who know as positive as I am,....I have moments of sadness,......Things I want my GTOC Aspiring Women to read....because GTOC has become my focused support....I too am an Aspiring is there for you and me together.....and things I want my Mom to read.....because she is my hero....and for some odd reason she truly believes in me!!!

This is my first blog day.  My intro blog day.  From wizard of oz winds, blinding whiteout drives home & a shared glass of wine over discussions of life with my handsome son, late night virtual hugs from a dear friend (thanks Andy :)))  I retire to cuddles with my baby obsessively organized attempt on a obsessively disorganized array of works can keep me from a serene moment of baby Gaby bedtime cuddles. V xo

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  1. You truly are an amazing storyteller my friend...these musings deserve as wide and vast as An audience as your family, friends and fans can muster as they are positive reinforcement that life is good. Andy