Sunday, January 22, 2012

GTOC Blog 4 Oh those Rose Colored Glasses have me under their spell...

Tonight, I has been a tremendously long day at work and yet I feel as though I have accomplished nothing.  Too tired to blog.....maybe....however I can't be if here I am typing on the topic that has circled my brain pan most of the day....points of view.

I am often "accused" of seeing the world through rose colored glasses & wings on my feet, like perhaps it is a bad thing...what is so terrible about it?....I cannot find the answer.....but I can tell you I know many, many people who talk to me everyday so that their grey colored glasses and their cement booted feet, feel a lift in their spirits.  Did they ever think that maybe sometimes I chat with them because I revel in their ability to cut through the "compost" ?

There is no right and no wrong in your point of view.  It is your personal choice how you choose to view your world.....after all it is YOUR world! really all boils down to......what do you DO with your world?

Here is a run down of my day....sometimes I am successful in affecting someone,....most days I do try....some days I am unsuccessful....and some days I don't try hard enough.

Nighttime....steam bath....I still draw hearts in the mirror....because the "loving" smudge will still be there in the morning when I really don't want to get ready for work.

I lay in bed with my eyes on the stars.....they were different yesterday.....remember the star girl story you wrote for Cassie?....all about a mom wanting a little girl so badly and a little star girl lonely & simply wanting a mom....with Cassie away at's how I feel for the second time in my life....lonely for my Cassie....and then I realize she has taken flight,...I am not envious I am proud....and I see her beautiful eyes twinkle at me from the stars in the heavens above.....

5 mind wakes up....long before my eyes will open.....I lay there calculating how many times I awoke through the night, upset  that I didn't get enough work done through the day.....I pray to St Theresa and fall back asleep lightly, that when my eyes is to the mother and her fawn tenderly making there way along the treeline of my forest.....I've never given them names....they never stay long or return often enough......Scamp the coyote with hardly any fur, digs at my compost....hungry.....he's a scavenger....he eyes' Jack Hawk dive by my window for his morning meal rabbit shakedown.....Scamp knows Jack will never drop a meal...but he eyes him all the same.

I shuffle into the bathroom to brush my teeth and see my smudged heart drawn on the mirror from the night before....with a secret smile most worthy of Wendy from my all time favorite Peter pan movie....I set my goal for the day......"today I will Marry Gerard Butler"....I am exhausted....but smiling....what a goal that would be!!!  Why not aim big???? It sure is better than aiming too low!!!

Ry Cooder the cat accosts me as I open the bedroom door and descend to the kitchen.  He picks one claw to poke me with as I boil water for coffee....the poke says " I am really a dog...scratch me like you mean it!!"

First two teenagers are out the door with massive hugs and kisses....a few from each...I must look tired...they worry.....they shouldn't's there love that revs me filled with energy for another day.

And then June Bug finds me.....our dog that no one so very loved here, I cannot understand why every morning she acts like she is so excited, she jumps, she dances, she farts like it is the first experience every known to mankind....Like it's the first time any one has loved her, she wags her tail so hard her bum sways and she knocks herself over. I try to be firm in her training and cannot stop hugging and kissing her....thanking God we found her....then in her excitement she pees on the floor and swishes her long tail through it and sprays it everywhere!!!  Oh boy....daily clean up #1!!!

Gaby finally is dressed, fed, lunch made, boots, hat, scarf, mittens, ski jacket & back pack.....with a sparkling "I love you Mom" he races down the driveway with the "bat boy" swagger flinging his cape (back pack) from side to side on his latest adventure....he epitomizes my story of Gabriel Gunderflumps! 

I head back to my room and check my emails many to answer while I get ready for my work's good....some days women find me that need help....some days women find me that can help me in my GTOC efforts.

I look over  my shoulder to see Jack Hawk rise high in the sky with his breakfast....he drops a tiny morsel as a teaser to Scampy Coyote....come back tomorrow......the cast and crew will be early.....try to be early enough to catch your own breakfast....and he soars into the forest.

I leave for work and pull up next to some young lady crying in her car......I am singing "you are beautiful" by Christine Agulaira.....I am a horrible singer....but the girl looks in my direction and I smile  I don't ask why she's crying....I simply smile and remind her.....ALL of life is not so bad......I can smile, because all morning life smiled on my rose colored glasses point of view. .... V

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